Posted by: steveonfilm | December 8, 2007

Done Reading

Well, I just finished reading page 291 of “The Screenwriter’s Workbook.” I’m all done. Finished. Technically, there are 12 page left, but I’m not big on reading indexes so I think I’ll skip it.

At any rate, it was fun. As I’ve said before, I’ve written a few screenplays. I’m not saying they’re good. I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m just saying I’ve done it. So I’m not quite as intimidated when staring at the blank page as the next guy. I’ve already done it, so in my head I know I can do it again. The challenge is doing something good. Then again, isn’t it always?

I’m really looking forward to going back through the book over the next few weeks, posting the results online for the world to see. Actually, I really don’t expect anyone to find this blog, but if they do, hey, kudos for me.

It was neat reading some of the stuff Syd had to say, and then thinking about how I can use it to improve some of my existing work. I’m also glad I read the book all the way through before starting this next project. It’s gotten me in the right frame of mind about how to set up the story, so in my head I’m really expecting some of my strongest work to come out of this.

For now though, I’m going to reward myself and watch one of my favorite movies, Stargate. It’s not great, it’s not bad, but it’s one of my favorites.

In the next day or two I’m going to start the process of writing “Breakdown,” as I’ve tentatively titled it for now. I’ll post the results of each exercise on the blog for anyone to read as I complete them. If I can figure out how, I’ll post drafts of the script as I write them to. I just have to figure out somewhere to store the files. But hey, I work in IT for a living, how hard can that be?

For now, keep it real kids. I’m out.



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