Posted by: steveonfilm | December 9, 2007

The Blank Page – Exercise One: Part 1

Here was the free writing I did for part one. The only corrections I did was for spelling, everything else was left in it’s original form.

So there’s this guy, for the lack of a better name we’ll call him Alex. Alex is in his late twenties, maybe early thirties and is married to, let’s say, Miranda. They’ve been married three years, although they’ve been together several years longer than that. Alex and Miranda are “happy” for the most part. However, there has been some recent tension between them. They’re rarely having sex. Alex is finding himself more and more stressed out. Miranda finds it more interesting to watch television than ask about Alex’s day. And to top things off, Alex finds himself looking at women more and more.

To make matters worse, Miranda has recently told Alex that she’s pregnant. This was not planned, and it didn’t go over well. Alex isn’t happy about it. He’s not mad, I mean, it’s not like they didn’t know what they were doing when they had sex, what the outcome could be. Anyway, there’s some more rift between them. To make things worse there is a big football game that Alex and Miranda’s college is playing in, a conference championship game. Alex wants to drive back to LA to go, Miranda doesn’t want to go. Alex is going to drive his car. Miranda doesn’t want him driving his car because it’s old, and she doesn’t think it’ll make it. Oh yeah, they live in Las Vegas, so most of his driving will be through desert stretch of highways.

There’s a heated argument between them about Alex going. Alex isn’t going to budge, nor is Miranda. Alex decides to take his licks and go. He’s not going to let her stupid fears ruin what should be a fun weekend with his buddies at a football game that is truly historical for his college (it’s their first time playing in a game like this).

So alex leaves. He arrives in LA fine. He stays at a buddies house. They go out the night before the game. Nothing too big. Alex doesn’t mention the baby on the way. He doesn’t want to talk about his wife much either, always just saying she’s fine and changing the subject when he gets the usual, “How’s Miranda.”

The day of the game starts early. Tailgating. Tomfoolery. Fun. For the most part harmless. The game is a blast. Alex’s college wins.

The group go downtown to celebrate. Alex brought some nice clothes to really look good when they go out. As the group leaves alex heads back inside “real quick.” He checks his hair, then leaves his wedding ring on the sink. The night out is a blast. Alex is having a good time, his buddies are having a good time. They merge with a group of girls. One of them is giving Alex the eye. At one point he’s dancing with her on the floor in a way that a married guy shouldn’t be dancing like. The party goes back to the house. he and the girl are on the back porch. Some small talk. They go to kiss, but before their lips touch Alex stops. He says this is wrong, without telling her why. Says he’s sorry and leaves.

The next morning Alex gets up, packs his stuff, makes some coffee. He’s about ready to leave when some of the guys wake up and make their way into the kitchen. Goodbyes are said. One of the guys asks if Alex scored. “I don’t cheat on my wife,” he says. Alex heads off.

The drive is going pretty well. Not much traffic. Good weather. A long stretch of deserted highway. Smoke from the hood. Smoke? No, steam. Shit. Alex pulls over and pops the hood. Radiator. Fluid all over the place. A truck comes along, Alex tries to wave it down but it just passes on. Now what?

Alex walks what must have been five, maybe ten miles to a gas station. He buys a water and asks the woman where there’s a repaid shop. She says “RIcks, only place to get things fixed around here.” He uses the phone book and calls a few tow truck companies. The first few are duds. Finally a person.

They get back to the car and the driver, we’ll call him Lenny, hooks the car up and they head off. Lenny asks where to? Alex says Ricks. Lenny doesn’t want to go there, says he’s got a much better place. Alex senses a scam. Wants to know why they can’t go to Rick’s. An argument starts but doesn’t have a chance to go anywhere as Lenny is being pulled over by a squad car.

Lenny looks nervous, says they didn’t see Alex, and for him to get down. Alex doesn’t like this, but Lenny looks serious and Alex does as he’s told. Maybe Lenny has a gun. Who knows, but Alex has ever intention of slipping out and going to the cops as soon as Lenny is distracted. Alex watches the passenger mirror and watches as Lenny an the two cops talk. An argument erupts. One of the cops shoots Lenny in the chest. They them take a pistol out and put it in Lenny’s hand and fire a round at the squad car. A murder and s cover up. Alex saw it all. The cops com over to the truck.

Alex ducks down but is discovered. Damn. They are going to kill Alex too but somehow he manages to grab on of the cops. Oh yeah, point, Alex isn’t a pansy, he can handle himself. He boxes and does jujitsu. By no means an expert, but he can definitely handle himself in a fight. At any rate, so Alex has one of the cops around the next, the one who shot Lenny, and the cop is screaming at the other cop to shoot Lenny. The cop hesitantly fires off a round, but it his the cop instead, killing him. Alex darts off, the cop firing a few rounds but missing. Alex leaps over the railing of a small highway overpass, unfortunately, there is a river below and Alex is taken off as the cop can only watch helplessly.

Alex gets out of the water down stream. His cell phone is shot. No way to call for help. Only thing to do is take his wet ass into town. It’s getting dark. He heads toward the lights off in the distance. He finds a small town called Jasper.

Once in the town Alex gets a room at a hotel, water doesn’t damage credit cards. He calls his wife and tells her what’s going on. However, he doesn’t mention the shooting thing. She freaks out, is pissed, says he should have never taken the car. He calms her down, says he’ll get the car fixed and get home, even though he doesn’t know how. He turns the TV on to see the news story about the “murdered” police officer. The reporter says that the on board recorder failed, so there isn’t video of the suspect who is on the run, THANK GOD, Alex thinks, but there is a description, which matches Alex pretty spot on. Alex is nervous.

Hungry, Alex decides to get some food and some fresh clothes. There is a “Super Mart” across the road, he heads over there. It’s late, after midnight. Alex has some cheap jeans, t-shirt, socks, and a few things of clothes. As he’s headed for the door who comes around the corner but the cop he ran from. A chase starts. Alex is caught and knocked unconscious.

Alex wakes up in a small room. The door opens and some guy grabs him. He’s seated in a room in front of this guy. The guy is none other than “Rick” the owner of the repair shop. Which is where Alex is right now, although he doesn’t know it. Rick isn’t very happy that Alex killed his brother, Mort. Alex tries to explain that he didn’t shoot Mort, the other cop did. Rick doesn’t want to hear it. He says he’s got bigger things to worry about, but right now he says that he figures Alex owes him. See, being a cop Mort can pretty much go where ever he wants to go, do whatever he wants, and no one suspects any thing. With Mort dead, Rick doesn’t have anyone who can run errands for him and he’s got a big errand to run tonight.

Alex is strapped into a car and given directions. Basically, it’s a big ass haul of meth. He’s got to get it to a drop off so it can be flown to where it goes. He takes off. The drop goes horribly wrong. The guys he’s supposed to give it to try to kill him. The drugs end up getting lost. Alex escapes, but barely. the lights on the are are shot out. It’s not too long before he wrecks as he tries to drive away, hitting a deer. But at least he escaped.

He manages to find a remote shack on a big piece of land and passes out. He woken at sun rise to the barrel of a shotgun by Will. Will is going to call the authorities. Alex pleads with them not to and vomits the story of his last night. Lenny and Will were friends. Will tells Alex he has no idea what he’s just gotten himself into. He hurries him inside.

At this point the press is all over the news with Alex’s picture, the “cop killer,” who is now wanted in a drug deal that went bad, which is obviously another cover up. Will explains to Alex what the real deal is with Rick, how he runs the down, has a meth lab, shakes down anyone who needs repairs, which is why the gas station lady was so adamant about sending Alex there. Most people live in fear of this guy. Alex asks what to do. Will says he doesn’t know, but they’ve somehow got to prove that Lenny was murdered, and that Alex is innocent.

Alex says that he says Lenny shot. If they can get the police camera footage that he knows must exists, they can prove what happened. Will says that’s a good idea. We’re introduced to the gang that’s going to try to get the stuff. Lenny’s sister Lacy. Will’s son Pete. And Lenny’s buddy Bruce. There is some sexual tension between Alex and Lacy.

The gang goes off to break into the place that the cop cars are parked at. This isn’t as difficult as it seems as this is a remote town, and there isn’t a ton of security. The heist goes wrong but they get the tape. Pete is shot. Alex makes the save. As they’re driving away Bruce lets everyone know that the bag the tape was in was shot, and the tape was damaged.

They get back to the farm. Will patches Pete up. The bullet hit his thigh, but it didn’t go in. Alex looks at the tape, says he can fix it. He says up all night. With some tape and some other garbage he gets the tape to work. They put it in a VCR. Sure enough the footage of the murder is on there. However, as they go to eject the tape whatever Alex used to fix the tape snags. the tape is ruines. Ct up and snapped.

Now what? Bruce says something about Lenny saying he had something that could take Rick and the whole shebang down. He was going to use it for leverage. The plan is to hit up Lenny’s old shop and find it.

They get there, who knows what they find. However, the big thing is that while looking for whatever it is, Alex discovers that Lenny just had security cameras installed in his truck. They look over the specs and sure enough there is a front, side, and rear cam, a cam that just should have captured the murder. They need to get Lenny’s truck, but it’s been impounded, and that means it’s been bought to one place, Ricks.

Alex and the gang need to break into Rick’s to get the truck. While they plan their heist Alex and Lacy are alone. They almost kiss, and as before, Alex pulls away. He says he’s married, and loves his wife, and needs to get home because he’s got a son on the way, and his wife and kid don’t need to go on without a dad. It’s here that we see that Alex has moved on from saving his skin to doing it for his wife and unborn child. Lacy understands, although she’d have rather gotten in his pants.

The break in goes down. There’s a monster truck rally or something that night, so the compound is pretty much vacant. Something goes wrong, doesn’t it always, and the heist is foiled with Alex caught.

Rick breaks down how pissed he is. They’ve got someone watching Alex’s wife. Alex is furious. Says he’ll kill Rick if anything happens to her. Rick says nothing will, as long as he gets Rick back all the money he lost. All Alex has to do is steal a drug shipment from a rival gang, kill the leader, and get back. After that, all debts are free.

Alex amazingly pulls the whole shebang off, killing the leader with his bare hands after he runs out of bullets. Alex returns to Rick’s. Rick isn’t about to follow up with his end of the bargain though. He didn’t think that Alex would pull it off after all. Just as Rick is about to kill Alex something big does down. The rival gang does a smash and grab. The place lights up like wildfire. Alex escapes with the aide of Lacy and Pete. They contact the rival gang, told them what was going down.

They grabs Lenny’s truck and head out. A few days later Alex is in contact with someone in the police, someone Will says they can trust. They hand over the tape, but it’s a set up. Will is shot. Rick is there. Things aren’t looking good. Shenanigans ensue. The bag guy and Rick are dead.

One way or another, the press gets a copy of the tape. It was a back up plan by Will. One copy for them to give to his guy, one copy to the press. Alex makes it back safely after saying goodbye to Pete, Lacy, and Bruce. He returns home to find his wife, hugs her, says ow much he loves her, and promises never to leave her alone again.

The end.



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