Posted by: steveonfilm | December 9, 2007

The Blank Page – Exercise One: Part 2

Here are the results for part two. I’ve narrowed the story down into three paragraphs, each around ten or so sentences.

Alex and Miranda have been married three years. Most people would describe them as “happy.” The truth is they’re marriage is on the rocks. Sex has dried up. Alex is stressed at work. Miranda finds TV more interesting than her husband. And Alex finds himself looking other women more often. Miranda has recently told Alex that she’s pregnant. Alex isn’t happy about it. There is a big football game Alex wants to go to. Miranda doesn’t want him to go. He goes anyway. The weekend is fun. His team wins. On the way back his car breaks down in the middle of no where. A friendly tow truck driver, Lenny, gives Alex a tow. While driving to a repair shop they’re pulled over by the police. With Alex watches through the passenger mirror as the police murder Lenny, then come for him. He narrowly escapes with his life.

Alex finds himself stranded in the desert town of Jasper. He gets a hotel room and phones home, telling his wife about the breakdown, but not mentioning the murder. He turns on the news to see a police sketch of him and a news story about how he murdered some police in a drug bust gone bad. While trying to get a fresh set of clothes Alex is captured and taken to Rick’s, the gang leader. Alex is forced to make a drug run for Rick which goes horribly wrong. He finds shelter in a shed, only to be woken up by the shotgun barrel of Will. After Alex explains his situation, Will pledges to help him prove his innocence by getting the squad car tape which might show the murder of the tow truck driver. Alex and his group manage to get the tape, but while viewing it, the tape gets damaged beyond repair. A second plan is hatched o get the recently installed digital security camera footage from Lenny’s truck, which is being held at Rick’s. The gang gets the tape but Alex is captured again. Rick discloses to Alex that they’re watching his wife, and forces Alex to steal drugs and murder a rival gang, or they’ll kill her and his unborn child. Miraculously, Alex pulls it off.


As Alex returns to Rick’s and is about to hand over the drugs pandemonium erupts. Another gang attacks. In the commotion Alex is saved by his crew and escapes with the footage from Lenny’s truck. The plan is to give the tape to one of the “good cops,” which will show Alex didn’t commit the crime. The exchange goes bad. Will is shot and killed. In the struggle Rick escapes and the tape is damaged. With his last chance for redemption gone, worried about his wife, Alex thinks all hope is lost. However, Will sent a copy of the tape to the press, which runs with the story as it’s lead story. As Federal authorities come to Jasper, Rick is killed in a Federal raid, Alex is taken home to see his wife. They reunite. Alex vows never to leave her alone again.



Now to celebrate with some Guitar Hero 3!




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