Posted by: steveonfilm | December 15, 2007

About Structure – Exercise Two: Part Three

Title: Everday

Beginning: We meet Tom. Tom doesn’t get out much. He doesn’t need to. He works from home as a cartoon artist writing a strip called “Everyday,” which is based on the stories his roommate John, all of John’s friends, and the stories he tells Tom about his office job. About the only place Tom goes is to the grocery store, where he sees Michelle, a clerk. Tom dreams about one day asking her out, getting married to her, and then having kids and your all American life. One day John comes home, tells Tom that he’s worried about him. John says Tom needs to get out more. John asks Tom to count on his hand how many friends he has. Tom holds up one finger. He says he has John. John pushes Tom’s finger down and says that he doesn’t, because John isn’t real.

Middle: Tom tries to come to grips with the reality that he has been living with an imaginary person for the last three years. John is very sympathetic to Tom, and says he’s going to help, because it’s not like he’s going anywhere. Little by little John, his girlfriend Tammy (who is also fake), and his buddy Mark (again fake), work with Tom to get him out of the house. Things are going well, and Tom gets up enough nerve to ask Michelle out on a date. It’s awkward, but Michelle is impressed with Tom’s work, and all in all it’s a success. Tom watches as his comic starts to turn more from following John’s character to a new character named Matt, who’s adventures resemble the trials Tom is going through. The new stories are a hit and Tom’s strip starts to get picked up by more and more papers. Tom buys a new car. Starts making friends. Speaks at a panel at a comic convention. However, on a date with Michelle, she tells him that she’s accepted a job offer as a manager at a grocery store in Seattle. She says she hasn’t known how to tell Tom, but she leaves tomorrow and didn’t have a choice.

End: Tom is floored. He won’t come out of his room. John is worried, as is the rest of the gang. They say he has to go after her. Convinced, he agrees. They track down her address and Tom heads out, but John won’t come. He says Tom needs to do this on his own. Tom is hesitant, he asks if he’ll see John and the gang again, John doesn’t know, but figures probably not. It’s a touching goodbye, but it’s understood that John will always be there for him in the comic. Tom heads out to Seattle. He finds Michelle just as she locks her keys out of her car, which is right from a comic he just wrote that week. Upon seeing Tom she lets a tear roll down her cheek, and they embrace.

Not so bad. I mean, not great, but not terrible either. I didn’t know where I would end up going with it, but I think it wraps up nicely. Anyway, enjoy. Chapter 3 coming up next.




  1. stevo,

    nice. lol. i always wanted to dabble in screenwriting but just so I could make an attempt to glorify my own life and my own adventures, and adventures I’d like to have but can yet to afford. if you’re enjoying it, keep it going… hope life is going well for you my friend.

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