Posted by: steveonfilm | January 1, 2008

Four Pages: Exercise Four – Part 2

We see John’s life. His routine. His comics. His anime. Video games. The clothes he wears. The other bedroom door is shut. It’s always shut. That’s John’s room. He goes to the grocery store. We meet Michelle, who tries to help Tom find an item. He gets really nervous. He’s hyper ventilating in the car. Tammy is over to watch her soaps. They always watch soaps on Wednesdays. Tom plays video games. John watches, and can’t believe Tom used the fart incident in the strip. Tom reminds John that he said he could use anything in the strip. They watch TV. Tom leaves John watching TV and goes to bed. Next morning, TV is on, Tom turns it off. He hates it when John leaves the TV on. Tom’s haning Christmas lights out front. Mitch and John are there watching. John asks if Tom’ll be okay while he’s gone. We see John alone. TV casts a blue hue. In the bathroom he looks at his sleeping pills. He sets them on the counter top and heads out. Liquor store. Buys a liter.



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