Posted by: steveonfilm | January 1, 2008

Four Pages: Exercise Four – Part 8

Tom shows up at the grocery store. Finds out what place Michelle transfered to. He rushes to the airport. Is hesitant to book a flight. He does. There’s turbulence on the plane. Tom faints. He wakes up, the plane has landed. Well that was easy. Tom takes a cab, even through it’s gross. Cab breaks down. Tom on a trolly. Crammed full of people, clowns. Tom can see the store. He crosses the street. BAM! Hit by a car. Tom gets up, he’s hurt, but nothing terrible. He limps to the store, bleeding. People stare. He gets on the intercom and calls for Michelle. She comes to the front. They hug. Then Tom says he needs to go to the hospital. Michelle gets the okay from her boss and they walk off.



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