Posted by: steveonfilm | January 3, 2008

What Makes Good Character? – Exercise Five: Parts 1-4

Part one, what is the dramatic need of our main character?
To feel loved. He feels hollow, alone, scared. The only thing constant in his life has been the death of his loved ones. He goes through the motions without actually caring about any of them. There is no drive. There is no satisfaction. For Tom, there just “is”…and it scares him.

Part two, what is your character’s point of view?
Tom’s point of view is that everyone dies, so what’s the point of getting excited about living. He’s not a pessimist per se, he considers himself a realist, and to him he realizes just how small and insignificant we all are. He concentrates on the end game instead of seeing what lies before it. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff, not because it’s not worth it, it’s because he literally doesn’t care.

Part three, what is your character’s attitude?
Tom’s attitude is that there are always more important people in a room than him. He always takes the submissive route in conversations, or when out in public. He assumes no one really wants to spend time with him, listen to what he has to say, care about how he’s feeling.

Part four, what change, if applicable, does your character go through?
The change Tom goes through is realizing that your life is what you make of it. You set your own destiny. He allows himself to get close to someone, and he once again realizes how good that makes him feel. No one is going to come to him, and just love him, he needs to go find that person(s) himself.



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