Posted by: steveonfilm | January 13, 2008

The Tools of Character – Exercise Six: Part Two, John

Note: John’s biography is really poor. I’m not satisfied with it but feel like I need to move on with more exercises.

John’s Biography:

Since John isn’t real…much of his life is just a basic shell of what Tom’s ideal friend woudl have.

For instance, John’s father drove a tractor at a big farm. But there was never a mention of where this farm was. John’s mother was cold, and supposedly kept an immaculately clean house, but there was never a mention of what she did or aspired to. Likewise, John never mentioned their names.

Both sets of John’s grandparents are still alive. His father’s side lives in Montana still, his mother’s side in Colorado. This is only know because John mentioned going to both states for various holidays, and that he enjoyed skiing when he went to visit the grandparents on his moms side of the family. Tom has never been to either of those states and knows little about them.

John attended St. Joan of Arc’s catholic school, along with Tammy and Mitch.

John moved with his parents up north to Saginaw, where John’s father got a job on a big farm out there. John as really excited about being able to ski more.

John was close to both Tammy and Mitch, and they were always together. Mitch and John were the same age and shared a room together. Tammy was two years younger than John and tagged along everywhere with him.

Mitch was John’s cousin, and lived with them because his mom and dad were poor, and “not very good parents.” John’s father had offered to officially adopt Mitch, but Mitch didn’t like the idea, even though he didn’t care for his parents either. Either way it was understood that John’s parents were Mitch’s legal guardians.

John loved watching Japanese cartoons as a kid. He loved Robotech, Voltron, Macron 1, Tranzor Z, Speed Racer, and anything else he could get his hands on, Saturday morning or otherwise.

John was an accomplished athlete, playing soccer and basketball, which on occasion prevented him from playing with Tom in the park.

He went to Valley State College in Colorado, before moving back to Michigan, and specifically to Detroit, with Tammy and Mitch. Tammy got her AA and is a nurse. Mitch got into music and works at a used book store, playing with his band on the weekends.

I know this is very weak right now, and I’ll come back to it…but I’ve been dwelling on it for a long time and feel I need to move forward with the other exercises.



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