Posted by: steveonfilm | January 21, 2008

Conflict and the Circle of Being: Exercise Seven – Summary

As I mentioned before, exercise seven deals with looking critically at a movie and studying it from the point of view of conflict and the Circle of Being. Then, after really going into what conflict and the Circle of Being is, develop on for your own characters.

I’ve spent the last week or so really thinking about this. I’ve watched a few movies, I’ve even went back and worked on some previous screenplays I’ve written. The items from Bystander that I’ve posted are from the scene where the circle of being/conflict will be exposed for Kyle. It’s not present in what I’ve posted online, but I’ve since revised the scene a bit so that Patricia lets Kyle know that she’s aware of a significant dramatic event that happened in his life, and how that has changed him, made him angry. He’s given a choice at the end of the scene that relates directly to that conflict.

Doing this really helped set me up for this exercise. Fortunatly, because of the background’s I’ve written for my characters, at least Tom and Michelle, identifying the event that starts their Circle of Being is pretty easy.

I’m going to post both part one, Tom, and part two, Michelle, together.





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