Posted by: steveonfilm | January 27, 2008

Structuring Act I: Chapter Nine Exercise – Part One

Part one came together a lot quicker than I thought. I think a lot of that had to do with all the writing that I did earlier today. Then again, who knows.

At any rate, here is a shot of my workspace where I did all the 3×5 index cards.

My workspace. You can see my cards, my Macbook, and my copy of The Screenwriters Workshop.

I’ve got the one and two line descriptions down for each of the cards. I think the pacing came together pretty well too. I’m looking forward to starting to put this stuff down on the page. The more I think about it the more excited I’m getting.

Here’s a closer shot of the fourteen 3×5 index cards.

Closer shot of just the 14 index cards.

And finally, here’s is a transcription of each of the cards.

Card one: John in the elevator.

Card two: Tom drawing the strip in the basement.

Card three: Tom cook’s breakfast. The news mentions local paper buyout.

Card four: Tom at the grocery store. We meet Michelle for the first time.

Card five: Tom watches soaps with Tammy.

Card six: Tom cleaning the house, arranging the spices.

Card seven: Tom having writes block. He can’t start a new strip.

Card eight: Video games with Mitch and John.

Card nine: Tom up late working on the strip. Still can’t make much progress on it.

Card ten: Tom finds John asleep with the TV on.

Card eleven: John making breakfast. He yells at John for leaving the TV on.

Card twelve: Tom trying the strip again. He, or a cat, knocks over ink onto all his papers.

Card thirteen: Tom at the art supply store.

Card fourteen: Tom gets the message that his newspapers have canceled his comic strip.

Well, that’s part one. I’ll get around to writing part two sometime tomorrow.

Until then…



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