Posted by: steveonfilm | January 29, 2008

Structuring Act I: Chapter Nine Exercise – Part Two

I wanted to have this up earlier today but I lost track of time as I finished up the most recent draft of Bystander. I’ve got a bit more polish to do on it before I consider it a completed draft, but hey, that’s what weekends are for, right?

At any rate, part two of chapter nine’s exercise deals with the back story of the main character that happens just before the movie starts.

Here we go:

Tom had been trying to diversify the papers his comic was appearing in. Unfortunately, his agent was offering little, if any, help. His comic appeared in six of the Kingston Press Syndicate newspapers. The Kingston Press Syndicate was a small newspaper/media company that produced eight county newspapers in three states, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. Tom’s strip was appearing in six of their eight papers, which wasn’t bad, but it didn’t make Tom feel safe.

A few months back Tom had read an article online about media consolidation. The article concentrated on how a select few media companies were buying up all of the radio, tv, and newspaper outlets around the country. Tom was convinced that Kingston was going to be a target. Tom felt he needed to get his strip into other papers so that he cold reduce the effects any type of media consolidation might have on him.

He just had this gut feeling that Kingston was going to be sold and his strip was going to get yanked for more national fare like Beetle Baily.

Tom had a series of talks with members of Panda Publishing about having his strip placed into three of their papers. However, Panda decided to go with another strip over his. Tom was really heart broken and had a mild panic attack at the news.

Tom didn’t sleep a wink that night and basically was up all night working on his strip. That’s where the movie picks up.


Hopefully you can see why I’m setting him up this way.



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