Posted by: steveonfilm | February 3, 2008

New York Giants: Super Bowl Champions

I was rooting for New England, really just because I wanted to see a team go undefeated, and they lost. Eli Manning had one hell of a 4th quarter drive to pick up the win for his team. While most of the game was a snoozer, the 4th quarter really delivered.

Congratulations Giants. First 5th seed to ever win the Super Bowl I think.

And now both Mannings have a ring. I wonder if there will be another brother brother duo who are both active in the NFL, and both have rings, ever again?





  1. I agree. I don’t know if anyone will ever succeed like the Manning brothers have. I thought Plaxeco Burress was outstanding. I also thought Kevin Boss had a great reception at the perfect moment. I saw this and thought it was awesome. It’s a copy of Kevin Boss’ hometown newspaper. It’s a small town:

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