Posted by: steveonfilm | February 5, 2008

Second and Third Ten Pages Are Done

I wrapped up the second and third ten pages last night. All in all Act One is sitting around 28 pages right now and will likely grow to 30-35 when I go back through my first draft at a later date. I’ve got a bit of polishing to do before I post them up on here. I got a little wordy in a few places and I want to go back and streamline them. No heavy editing, just making the pacing a bit more efficient (if that makes any sense). I’m worried that if I don’t do the things on my mind now, I’ll forget about the specific changes when I come back on the second/third draft and/or my polish draft.

Either way, I’ll be working on it tonight while I watch the primary results come in to see how the election is shaping up. It should be interesting to see how the Obama/Clinton split settles, as well as seeing how much of a spoiler Mike Huckabee might be tonight to the Romney campaign. At least that’s what the lovely Campbell Brown keeps saying on CNN. But hey, politics isn’t what this blog is about.

If I get stuff done quicker than I expect I’ll post it up.

Until then…



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