Posted by: steveonfilm | February 12, 2008

First Half, Second Half – Chapter Thirteen Exercise: Part Three

Whew, final post of the night. Here is how the cards look for part two of act two:

Here’s how they’re structured:

Card one: mid-point B – Tom comes home upset with how the date turned out. John tells Tom the truth about who he, Mitch, and Tammy, really are and why Tom can’t give up. He mentions the Mr. Teesdale story.

Card two – Tom shows up to see Michelle at work.

Card three – They have lunch. Michelle said she was worried about Tom.

Card four – Back from lunch Michelle kisses Tom. She says, “Lets just take it slow so you’re not overwhelmed.”

Card five – Tom works on his new strip on the computer. Mitch helps him set up a blog for the strip. They order Tom a cell phone.

Card six – John and Tom talk about the future.

Card seven: pinch two – Winter – Tom kisses Michelle goodbye and comes in to a message that the Oklahoma newspaper is interested in Tom’s strip.

Card eight – Tom and Michelle at dinner. Tom tells Michelle the good news about the strip. Michelle looks like she’s hiding something, but hold back from saying it.

Card nine – The trip help Tom figure out his pitch.

Card ten – Tom meets with Howard before the pitch. Tom’s “overdressed” and Howard makes him change to look more “artsy.”

Card eleven – The meeting with the paper people. Tom does his pitch on his terms. Howard looks nervous.

Card twelve – Tom looks triumphant as he leaves. Howard doesn’t. “You’ve changed kid. You’re not the same Thomas Hartwell I used to know.” “You’re right, I’m not. I’m better.”

Card thirteen – Tom hears from Howard in the car that the newspaper wants the deal. They want to put the strip in all 12 of their newspapers.

Card fourteen: plot point two – Tom comes home and tells John the good news. He goes to cal Michelle but listens to a message on the asnwering machine. It’s Michelle. She’s leaving for Seattle.

There you go. The second half of act two. I’m really looking forward to getting this all into the screenplay, but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Until then…



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