Posted by: steveonfilm | February 12, 2008

First Half, Second Half – Chapter Thirteen Exercise: Summary

Okay, I’m going to call an audible here and do something outside of the actual exercise in the book. Syd set’s the the exercise for chapter thirteen as a “tune-up,” to use his words. Basically he gives you a paradigm with a story about a married women who has an affair with her art instructor, gets knocked up, and decides to have the kid and raise it by herself.

The gist of the exercise was to figure out and mull over the choice of pinch one, mid point, pinch two, and plot point two. He wants us to think about whats down on the paradigm, decide on what we might want to change, and why, and play around with the structure a bit. It’s supposed to get us ready for when we start to write act two. However, I have a problem with this.

All through the chapter Syd has us thinking about structure, introducing us to pinch one and two, how they should revolve about the mid-point, and ultimately lead to plot point two. Problem is, we’re not going to do any of that prep work as part of this exercise. Syd mentions doing it periodically through the chapter, but here we are at the exercise doing something else.

I skipped ahead and read what we’re doing in chapter fourteen and sure enough it’s actually writing act two. Well, I need to work on my stuff, and frankly, I’m not interested in this chick getting knocked up by her art teacher.

So, if your a first time screenwriter go ahead and do his exercise. I’m going to change it up for my posts though. Part one is going to be the updated paradigm for my screenplay (plot point 1, pinch 1, mid-point, pinch 2, and plot point two included). Part two will be my index cards for the first half of act two. Part three will be my index cards for the second half of act two.

I’ll post up pictures along with each of the parts as I complete them.



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