Posted by: steveonfilm | February 13, 2008

Writing Act II – Chapter Fourteen Exercise: Summary

Okay, this is the big time. The real deal. Act two. Arguably the hardest part of a screenplay to write. I’ve done the prep work. I’ve got my cards. I’ve got my paradigm. I’ve got my outline, framework, concept, everything I could need. Time to get busy.

I’m not sure how I’m going to cover my progress. I tend to work pretty fast. Syd writes about being “on” on rare occasions, where you just simply pour out great stuff. I don’t know if my stuff is ever great, but I certainly get in the zone. But that’s my personality. I’ve always been this way.

With my art, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, cutting video, composing music, I get this major creative bursts and BLAM, 35 minutes of rock solid work goes by. Then I’ve got downtime where my mind wanders. This could last ten minutes. This could last a few hours. Then BLAM, another burst.

This happens to me at work too. I’m working on a design specification and I get 45 good minutes. Then I get all jittery and have to get up and talk to someone for ten minutes. Then back to work for another burst. Sometimes it’s only 20 minutes. Sometimes it’s an hour. It’s never static.

I write this way too. I’ll struggle with two pages. Sometimes I’ll put down fifteen in one sitting. Everyone works differently, and I just know how I work. I’ve written a few of these already so I know I’m fully capable of putting out some major amounts of pages. But, that’s not always a good thing. My writing has matured and I’m a bit more self critical now. So it’s rare that I can still pump out 20 pages in a single sitting. It happens, just not as much anymore.

At any rate, I’m not sure how I’ll post up my progress. Probably in bits and pieces here and there. But not like previously. If I write something I think is cute and worth sharing I’ll post it. Otherwise my posts until I’m done with act two will be reflective about how the writing is going, challenges, solutions, things of that nature. When I’m done with Act Two I’ll post it as one big .pdf so anyone who wants to can check it out.

Until then, I’ve got some work to do.



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