Posted by: steveonfilm | February 14, 2008

WGA Writers Strike Is Offically Over

I know this was a story that broke yesterday, but I was busy and didn’t have time to post it. But it’s done. Finishes. The end game.

You can read the CNN story on it here.

That’s not to say everything is done. I have a feeling the fallout from this strike will rear it’s ugly head in a few years. Sure, writers are going to start getting paid for internet/”new media” related media they write. But as more and more media becomes delivered over the internet this deal may come back to be an ever bigger pain in the ass.

Take for instance IPTV (internet protocol television). How will the writers be paid for content that is delivered by channels that only exist on IPTV cable networks? Will they be paid normal syndication fees that come with a typical cable channel? Or will the media companies pay them less because the delivery isn’t normal cable but over the internet, even though the end result to the consumer is a cable box that still has it’s content delivered over the same copper wires.

I’m sure everyone is happy to get back to work, I know my friend who is a WGA member is, but this issue is not done. Think of it more “on hold.”



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