Posted by: steveonfilm | February 21, 2008

Act Two Progress Update Two

I’ve gotten all the way up to my mid point. It’s been a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Not the whole writing thing, but this type of writing. Prior to this project I’ve usually written event driven scripts. Action/drama where the story is really driven by the action, not the characters. This time though, everything is driven by the main characters.

It’s been a big adjustment, and likely a really important exercise for me to work on since I needed to grow my writing in that direction anyway. A lot of times I’d just set up the slug line to a scene and then just role play it out in my head without putting anything down.

How would Tom react to this. How would John react. Is that working? Is it realistic for their character to do that? These questions would constantly pop into my head. I’d get a line down, then just sit there, thinking.

It was nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Then BAM, the scene just vomits from my fingers. I’ve said I work in bursts, and that’s never been more true than with this project. I’m 56 pages in, and about to his the mid point.

I feel good about my progress, and think I’m really laying something down I can develop further.

I had a good talk with a writer friend of mine last night. An actual professional he gets paid to write screenplays writer, not one of these poser guys like me. We had some good back and forth about the story and development, and he gave me a few ideas I think I’m going to run with. I might implement them in the second half of act two, I might not, I’m not sure. But I do know that I will work them in for sure before I consider this a completed first draft.

Anyway, I’ve got some more to write about later tonight about some reflections I’ve had about my four main characters as I’ve written about them. I think some people out there might find it more interesting.

Till then…



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