Posted by: steveonfilm | February 25, 2008

Act Two Progress Update Three

Here’s another update on how things are progressing. I had a bit of a change of direction. I just wasn’t feeling how I was presenting Tom. After talking with a friend of mine who is a professional screenwriter, I was convinced that I wanted to change him up a bit.

The choice was actually pretty easy. The more I wrote him, and the more I get into his head, the more I feel like I know him, which is evidently pretty natural. I felt like I was trying to force awkward social habits on him that just didn’t seem to fit . Tom wasn’t a social outcast, he was someone who chose to avoid society. It’s not that he sticks out. Its that he decides not to go out. He was a homebody, but not a loner.

I’ve also decided that Tammy and Mitch are no longer fake. I need them both to be real. They’re his cousins, and are going to be brother and sister. This just seems to make much more sense. John is the only one that needs to be a figment of his imagination.

Writing the mid point was a pain in the butt. Originally I wanted Tom’s date with Michelle to end in disaster after starting out pretty well. I stuck with that idea. However, the second part was that when Tom returned home it would lead to John telling him the truth about who he is. My writer friend was adamant that Tom needed to discover this himself. After some thinking I realized that I agree with him.

So that’s what I did. Tom discovers something is wrong. He confronts John, and finally discovers the truth. These were a hard set of pages to write. I’m at about page 70 now since I sort of wandered around a bit, feeling out the scene, and it’s going to need to be tightened up, but that’s all for later. I don’t know if I’ll keep how all this unfolds the same, but what’s important is that I’ve got a placeholder scene and dialog that gets out my general feelings and idea for how it should unfold.

Syd says that “if you want to try something, do it, write it down, don’t be scared to go in a different direction” and I’ve kept those words close to my heart as I’ve been writing. I mean, I did a major pivot on the main character, and two to of the biggest supporting characters. Thats a serious shake up. But sometimes that what you’ve gotta do.

I’m moving full steam ahead with the second half of act two. I should have it done by this weekend as long as nothing crazy comes up. I feel much better with what I’ve decided to do with Tom, Tammy, and Mitch. The story has been fun to write so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing this project through.



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