Posted by: steveonfilm | February 26, 2008

Act Two Progress Update Four

Whew! I had a great session tonight. Got down about seven pages and I’m really satisfied with them. It was some great meat and potatoes for Tom and Michelle’s relationship. Honesty, I’m actually pretty surprised with myself. I was worried about writing some of the stuff that I would need to in regard to their relationship. However, it seems like I’m actually pretty capable of it.

I’ve gotten all the way to pinch two. I decided to stop for tonight. I was about to get into it but it’s nine o’clock now, and I’ve been writing since seven. I’ve got some stuff I need to get done before bed.

I’m looking forward to writing pinch two and then flowing right into plot point two. This is the part of the screenplay I feel the most confident about. Even with the changes I made to the characters, and some back story, this part of the screenplay won’t need to change at all. Well, at least not for this draft.

I’m really excited about getting act two done. It’ll be a bit of heavy lifting while shifting some stuff around I already wrote, and I need to make sure that I properly finish developing Tom and John’s relationship, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. I’m not scared about having to go back and rewrite some stuff I’ve already got down. We’re not talking about a re-write, but I’ve made a few significant changes, and I need to make sure that the backbone of those changes is properly represented in the first half of act two. If it’s not, it’s going to make the second draft really hard to do.

I just have to keep reminding myself this is simply the words on paper draft. Stay positive. Stay focused. And don’t give up.

I hope you don’t either.


P.S. Syd says not to be afraid to stray from the cards, or to try something out you didn’t plan for. That’s what happened tonight. Something just hit me and I went with it, and you know what, it worked out.


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