Posted by: steveonfilm | March 10, 2008

Act Three Update

I’m still widdling away on Act 3. Right now I’ve got a nice gin and tonic, the KCRW music stream playing through my stereo, and the fan set to medium for the first time all winter.

For anyone else out there writing, I hope everything is going well for you too.

I hope to have this all wrapped up by this weekend, but there’s not way for me to know for sure or not. I ended up going with a beat sheet over my 14 cards this time.

Here’s how the beat sheet breaks down in it’s unedited form:

1. Mitch and Tammy try to comfort Tom who’s locked himself in his room. Eventually, they give up. Tom sits on his bed. He calls Michelle’s number, it’s been disconnected. John appears. Confronts Tom. “Only you can decide what you want to do. You’re going to have to face your fears. You’re going to have to beat your fears. And you’re going to have to want to not end up like Mr. Teasdale.”

2. A dream. Tom is at the funeral parlor. Things are different. This time it’s his picture. He over hears people mention how he was all alone. Tom walks up to the casket. Looks inside. Gently closes the case. Then walks out.

3. Tom wakes up.

4. Tom is at the grocery store. He finds the manager of the deli. Finds out Michelle was transfered to a store in San Fransisco, something she put in for a long time ago. Michelle’s always wanted to live in San Fran.

5. Tom is on the way home complaining about San Fran, “How’s he going to get to to Seattle.” The car sputters. But doesn’t die on him. “How the hell am I going to get to Sam Fran.”

6. Cut to: Mitch looking at Tom, “I don’t know bro, fly?” Can’t, Tom is scared to death of flying. He pauses, thinking about something. The exits.

7. Tom walks into his room. Quick cuts of him packing a bag.

8. Tom exits, walking down the front steps. John is waiting for him on the porch, arms crossed. The goodbye. Tom knows he won’t see John again. John says it’s time to move on. They hug, sort of, joke about the not being real thing.

9. In the car to the airport. Car dies. He has to walk the rest of the way.

10. Airport counter. “Ticket to Seattle.” One way or two? “I don’t know.” Well do you plan on coming back? “I might not.”

11. Tom checking his watch. It’s now night. They call the plane number for boarding.

12. Tom lets the flight attendants know he’s not a good flyer. The smile and tell him it’ll be fine.

13. Tom grips the arm rests so hard his hands are white.

14. Tom is woken up by the flight attendant. The planes landed. But how? People stare are him as the shuffle past. She said he passed out shortly after take off. Cut to: Tom still gripping the handles. He starts to scream. People are looking at him. The plane shakes violently. He faints. Back to scene: Oh, I guess I just need to do that every time.

15. Tom in a hotel room. He looks less then thrilled. He’s talking to Tammy and Mitch, who are arguing on the phone.

16. Tom checks a map to see how to get to the store. He’ll have to take a trolley.

17. Tom gets on the trolley. Its crowded but not unbearable. Tom keeps telling himself he’ll be fine. Suddenly, a bunch of clowns get in. An old woman says, “I just love when the circus is in town.” Tom freezes, they surround him. “Could this get any worse.” Somehow the clowns get pissed at him. A fight occurs…sort of. Tom gets off at the train exits, the clowns chase him.

18. He looses the clowns. He tries to get his bearings by checking the map against the cross streets. Then realizes that the store is right behind him across the street. triumphantly he walks across the street and BAM hit by a car.

19. Darkness. “Are you okay?”

20. Tom sits up. A crowd has gathered around him. The driver looks worried. Tom pushes them out of the way, heads for the store. He’s in the parking lot. The clowns spot him, and chase after him. Tom limps off trying to outrun the clowns.

21. He gets into the store. Grabs the PA. Yells, “Michelle Yearly. It’s Tom. There’s something I’ve got to tell you so you need to get up here fast because there’s a cop and a bunch of angry clowns that want to beat me up, and they’ll be here any second.”

Michelle comes up just as the clowns arrive. Tom says, “Wait! You can beat me up, but I’ve gotta do this first.” he turns to michelle, “I don’t want to lose you. I don’t care what it takes or what I have to do, but we need to stay together.” [or something like that] Michelle starts to cry and says yes, they hug. People clap. The clowns clowns clap. One clown starts to cry. Another clown hands him a handkerchief, which the clown pulls on and it’s connected to another string of handkerchiefs.

They hug and kiss and as we pull back we see John leaning against the wall, arms crosses. Next to him is an attractive Asian girl. He nudges her with his elbow, “Told you he’d make it.” We fade out.

Now I’ve already written stuff that has changed from what I’ve got up here. But I wanted to post it so anyone who is interested can see how my original brain storming compares to the finishes product.

Well, gotta get back to work.

A woodchuck, he would like to chuck some wood.



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