Posted by: steveonfilm | March 12, 2008

Act Three Update Three

I just wanted to pop in with a quick update. I’m at page 104 and about half way through my beat sheet. Act three has been a lot of fun to write. I’m not sure how much of what I’m throwing down will make the final cut, but I’m giving some of what I do a more comedic edge, which is something that was lacking in act one and act two.

It’s not that this is a comedy, but it surely isn’t a serious drama. It’s somewhere in between. Sort of like the mood Juno had. You know? I wouldn’t say Juno was a comedy. But I wouldn’t say it’s a straight drama either. It sits in a good middle ground. A lot of movies are like this.

At any rate, I’m sure once I get my words on paper draft done and I take stock of what I’ve got I’ll have a better idea of the whole shebang in terms of the mood/voice I want to have. I’ve also thought up some interesting changes to make to act one that will provide some much needed background that I don’t want to have to tell through dialog, mainly because what needs to be said wouldn’t work as a conversation.

I’ve been trying to get down four pages or so a sitting, with a healthy dose of Call of Duty 4 worked in, and it’s going nicely. I felt rushed with act two for some reason, I’m taking more time with act three. Maybe because I find it more fun to write. The character arc is over. The grunt work is behind me. This is the payoff. The resolution. I guess that stuff is just intrinsically more fun to write about.

I’d like to get finish by next weekend. I’m going out of town in two weeks and I don’t want to have to worry about finishing my words on paper draft. In addition, I have some other projects I’ve written that I need to go back and work on. See, I want to submit at least two screenplays to a few competitions this year. They’re some more serious work I’ve done, but I feel like the story and characters are compelling, and an interesting read. But, hey, that’s me, the judges might think is total shit. But I’m not doing this for the judges, I’m doing this for me. And if I submit it, it’s going to be an accomplishment that I’m going to feel great about.

Okay, back to shooting people online, hope the writing is going well for you too.



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