Posted by: steveonfilm | April 3, 2008

Pajama Man

I should have the first ten pages of my “first draft” completed tonight. I’m going to post up a before and after so that anyone who is interested can see how much they’ve changed, yet still stayed the same.

I’ve found this really fascinating as I’ve been tinkering with it. Even though 90% of what I’ve got now is different than what appears in my “words on paper” draft, they still accomplish the same thing. I guess the key differences is that the beats are better, I don’t meander, and the characters better represent my ultimate vision for them. But all in all, the first ten pages still follow the same events, and end at the same place, they just unfold in a bit different manner. Almost like looking into a parallel universe.

Writing a new draft is always challenging. I tend to take a top bottom approach. I start on the first page and them work my way to the back. I do jump around from time to time, putting in notes or placeholders in later scenes that currently exist, of that I want to pop in. I’ve read that some people actually write out into index cards all the scenes they have and look at it that way. Maybe I’ll try that when I go back and tinker with my current script in it’s second draft. Although I’ve read that technique has mixed results. My guess is its more about the user than the technique.

I’m getting a new car this weekend and I have all of next week off. So I see a lot os sitting around in my PJs and drinking lots of coffee. My goal is to have my “first draft” done by next weekend, but we’ll see if that happens or not.

Other than that, how’s writing going for you?



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