Posted by: steveonfilm | April 24, 2008

The Children of Men: Screenplay Review

I know I’d said that I was going to read Syriana this month, but I downloaded The Children of Men, by Alfonso Cuaron and Timothy J. Sexton, and peeked at the first few pages. Two hours later I was rushing to finish it before LOST started.

I saw this movie on an flight from Atlanta to Barcelona. It was rock solid. Great story. Interesting characters. I wish I would have been able to pay better attention. but I don’t fly well and it was my honeymoon.

Anyway, if anyone has seen the movie it differs very little from this version of the script. There were only two instances I think were different, and it’s just in how a few characters met their demise. There was also a scene in the movie that isn’t in the script dealing with the day to day activities of the main character Theo.

This was a great script. Well paced. Clearly written. Visually stimulating. Full of pictures. It made me realize how much more “growing” I’ve got to go. But it was a great read.

Here’s a link to the file if you want to read it.

I highly encourage you to do so. I mean, it was nominated for the Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay Oscar. If that’s not a good enough script for you to read I don’t know what is.



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