Posted by: steveonfilm | May 19, 2008

The Ghost and The Wolf

I’ve taken a bit of a break from my screenwriting to do some other education, or specifically, read a new screenplay.

A friend of mine sent me the most recent draft of a project he’s working on called The Ghost and The Wolf. I read an earlier draft of this about six to eight months ago and loved it. It has a real Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, buddy cop feel to it, but with a serious delivery more similar to Se7en than either of those two movies.

I always enjoy reading my friends screenplays. He’s a professional writer. Meaning, he actually makes a living doing this. He’s not just someone who calls themselves a writer and then cashes checks from mom and dad each week. He’s recently worked with an academy award winning director on a project that should be made some time next year. While he’s not out driving a luxury sedan around or anything, it’s safe to say he’s successful, although he’ll really “make it” once a few other things get into motion he doesn’t have any control over.

The Ghost and the Wolf is about two cops that have to deal with the return of two badass Russian mobsters they thought they put away fifteen years ago. I’m not certain of all of the changes made to this draft of the screenplay, but I’m about halfway through and so far I’ve only noticed some fat trimmed here and there.

What’s really neat is that I can see, in progress, how a professional revises his work. While the earlier draft was great. This draft is tighter. It feels more finished. Polished. I like to see where things were cut. I notice where story elements are introduced, and when they pay off. All in all, not a moment seems wasted. Character development is fit in seamlessly within the story as it plays out. There isn’t any melodrama or scenes that automatically make you think, “oh, this scene is to provide some backstory.”

But the most significant thing, its it a great learning tool. I’m lucky to have a friend like I do. I have access to stuff that other aspiring writes just can’t get.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to the script. I’d like to finish it tonight. Only another 50 pages, so that should only take an hour or so.

Unlike other screenplays I talk about on here, I will not be posting this one for you to read. Sorry, but it’s not mine to share.


[Update: I finished the script and it was badass. One of the bigger action sequences from the earlier draft was modified significantly. All the same things happen, they just happen in a slightly different way that fits the story much better. All in all, it was a really fun read, and I keep my fingers crossed this hits the screen some day, and in the hands of someone who doesn’t totally wreck it.]

[Update 2: “Ghost and the Wolf” made the 2009 Black List]



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