Posted by: steveonfilm | May 27, 2008

Changing Gears A Bit

I’ve been trying to move forward on the rewrite of Act Two and not getting anywhere. It’s like I’m spinning my wheels. Putting in all this effort. Sitting on the Mac for hours at a time. But I always end up at the same spot I started.

I was talking to my writer friend and he said, “walk away.” Not permanently, but just move on to another project for a while. That made a lot of sense. He said that he typically won’t go back to something after his “words on paper draft” for at least a month after writing it. This way things stay fresh. He doesn’t stagnate. And it’s hard to come up with new ideas or changes when you’re staring at the same thing day after day.

Obviously there are exceptions to this. Such as when he’s under strict deadlines and other such things that professionals have to deal with. I’d like to say I know about that stuff, but I don’t. I’ll just have to take his word on it at face value.

His suggestions made a lot of sense to me. I’ve burned out on “One Day At A Time.” I’m not excited about it right now. I feel like I just want to get it over with so I can move on to something else. This isn’t the right way to work. I’ve got other things I want to tinker with, and working on it right now isn’t getting me any further.

On top of that I’m really considering submitting Bystander to Final Draft’s “Big Break.” But there is some tinkering I want to do with it first. It’s so close to where it needs to be. I know I can make it work. But the standard deadline is June 1st, and the extended is June 15th.

My wife is out of town all next week, so I can just concentrate on the script, all night each night, until she gets back. I might just be able to get it to where it needs to be. Maybe I can’t. But I won’t know until I try.

So I’m going to take a month or longer off from “One Day At A Time” to work on some other things. Whether it’s Bystander, Marianas, or Moving On, I’m going to do other stuff. Flex my brain. Get my juices flowing again. Yadda yadda yadda.

What do you think?



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