Posted by: steveonfilm | June 2, 2008

Stay on Target

I keep hearing the voice of Red Six pilot Jek Porkins saying, “stay on target,” over and over again in my head as I’m writing. My mind always wanders. I’ll think of something and then BAM, off to the internet I go. Little tricks here and there keep me focused. But most of the time I have to keep reminding myself to stay on task.

I hit a road block last night that took my an hour or so to figure out. I’m reshuffling how I have Bystander structured right now. Currently, it’s a non linear story that moves around the span of a few years, with the main story arc enconpassing about five days. I’m removing a lot of the flashbacks. Keeping just the significant ones, and making the rest of the story linear.

For one thing its a lot easier to write. For another, it’s a lot easier to follow. But doing this involves me restructuring most of act one, and a good portion of act two. It’s weird though, because I’m not really writing a whole lot of new stuff. It’s mostly just editing.

Except for two sequences, which is what the road block was. They’re the scenes where the readers are introduced to Ceccini and Arnone, two of the hit men sent after Kyle and Duane. The outcomes of each of these scenes is the same. But the build up and presentation had to be revised since I changed stuff to a more linear story. It took me a while to go over in my head how it could work out…keeping the end results the same, but changing the delivery of those results so they fit the new structure.

I’m going to go more into depth on this later, after a wrap up act one tonight or tomorrow. But I think some of the stuff will be useful for other writers out there to read.

Until then…



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