Posted by: steveonfilm | July 9, 2008

Been Away

I took a bit of a sabbatical from writing these past few weeks.

Some of it was from feeling over worked. Some of it was from it just being summer. A trip here. A trip there. Busy weekends. Busy nights. Sometimes you just run out of time.

Things have settled down a bit so I’m eager to get back to work.

It won’t be tonight though. I have to help my cousin move. He’s packing up and moving to L.A. I wish I could say that it was because he was going to pursue a career in entertainment but I can’t. It’s a job transfer. He’s some sort of structural engineer. The growth here in the southeast has stagnated. So they need him out west where they’ve got more jobs to do than they have engineers to do it.

Yet another person going to the place I want to go to.

Oh well…

Anyway, I’ve been doing some work on the site these last few nights. Messing around with some pages and stuff. I don’t have it turned on for the general public right now. But when I do you’ll see different pages for each of the projects I’m working on. Hopefully it’s pretty neat.



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