Posted by: steveonfilm | November 19, 2008

I Love The Way You Do The Things You Do

Oh XBOX 360, how I love thee now that I can stream NETFLIX movies right to my TV.

I upgraded the “operating system” of my XBOX 360 today. I don’t really care about the “new look” or the hip/cool “avatars” and what-have-you. No, today my 360 got the ability to stream NETFLIX movies from my queue.

It’s bliss.

Not every movie in my queue is available to stream, and word on the street is Sony won’t let their movies stream through the 360 (I wonder if that’s because they have something planned for their own system, the PS3?). But plenty of them do, and for any movie buff out there, it’s really just that little extra something that makes the NETFLIX account you probably already have that much better.

But you know what the big thing is? The ability to pull up a ton of movies on-demand for reference material. Do I want to see how a certain scene that is similar to something I’m doing was shot? BAM! Streamed to my 360. Do I want to watch something with sweet dialog? BAM! Watch it now.

I’m just really looking forward to using this thing.

Anyone else out there psyched about this as much as I am? Or am I coming across as a big tool?

Probably as a tool, right?

Yeah, figured. Ah well.



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