Posted by: steveonfilm | January 6, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Vacation is over. I prefer to use the term “holiday,” like the Brits do. But everyone makes fun of me for it. I just think “holiday” sounds so much more dignified than “vacation” does, but whatever.

I picked up a few new blue-ray movies during all the gift giving.

First, The Dark Knight. I know everyone went ga-ga over this, but I thought Iron Man was the better movie this summer. Don’t get be wrong, The Dark Knight is good, just not as great as everyone things. And it’s about 20 minutes too long. However, it looks FUCKING FANTASTIC on blue-ray.

Second, the best Christmas movie ever. That’s right, Die Hard. ‘But Steve, that’s not a Christmas movie’ you say? I say, shut your mouth. It takes place on Christmas Eve. That’s good enough for me. Regardless, it’s one of the best pure action movies the 80s produced.

Third, Kung Fu Hustle. I didn’t ask for this one. It just sort of showed up. I mean, I liked it when I saw it, but lets just say this wasn’t something I would have picked up otherwise.

I took some time off from screenwriting. No reading screenplays. No writing screenplays. Just coming up with ideas and jotting notes down. It was a good time to just sort of relax the creative juices and tee up some projects for the New Year.

One of the first projects I need to do is a polish of my most recent draft of Marianas. I’ve got to go through and correct spelling, fix some dialog, take out a few lines I hate, and fix some continuity issues. Basically, I came up with some notes while I was writing, and instead of stopping and addressing them as I wrote, I just decided to do them all after I was finished. Dusty is actually reading through it right now… God bless his soul.

But other than that, I’ve just got some ideas I’ve been tinkering with that I need to research a bit. That means a bunch of reading. Watching movies that have done some similar stuff. Things we’ve all done before.




  1. Welcome back. Am reading little by little, hope to get it done soon. Don’t polish too much yet, I have some thoughts for you. You want brutal, or friendly? I can be both, though I always believe brutal to be most informative. Have a great weekend.

  2. I don’t know what your definition of “brutal” is…but I’ve always been a fan of constructive criticism. I mean, if something just isn’t working, or is just terrible, say so, but offer suggestions as to why and/or how to improve them, if possible.

    I’m under no delusions that I’m ready for prime time, or that this is going to get made, or that I’ll ever get a job as a writer. So hearing the negative won’t destroy my confidence or anything. Just keep in mind I don’t really see Marianas as anything I’d ever pitch. It’s more of just a story I thought might be interesting to write.

    Hopefully it’s not horrible! But if it is, I want to know why…be it cliches, poor writing skills, unoriginal chracters, terrible dialog, poor story structure, a combination of all of them.

    To me its important to find out where I’m faltering, and learning how to address those. Because if it happens here, its likely something I’ll repeat in other projects if I don’t educate myselfon how to fix it now.

    Hopefully you can see where I’m coming from.

  3. Of course its not horrible. I love the concept, I love some of the characters, and some of the scenes are spot on for what you want, it just needs work, for sure, That’s all.

    My criticism is always, always, always constructive, as there is no other way for a writer to grow. I’ll give you my thoughts soon. Your script is my assignment this weekend.

    We well, and don’t fret my friend, you are on the path to great writing!

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