Posted by: steveonfilm | January 12, 2009

It’s like a punch in the gut.

I watched an interesting documentary last night, “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*” by Christopher Bell. I’m a pretty avid weight lifter, and a friend of mine suggested I check it out. I did, and it was pretty sweet.

Christopher attacks the whole idea of steroids, and why they’re used by athletes and just regular joes. He takes an even handed, neutral stance, and for the most part plays it pretty straight.

The “story” of the documentary is Christopher coming to terms that the reality of his heros weren’t exactly truthful. And then looking for the “truth” about what they are, who uses them, and why they’re used in the first place.

An additional backdrop is the fact that both his brothers currently use them. His older brother is/was an aspiring professional wrestler. His younger brother is a power lifter and high school football coach.

He gives a good look into the hypocrisy of America. How it’s possible that President George W. Bush could sign a law in 1990 making steroids illegal, and then appoint a known steroid user (Arnold) to run his Presidential Physical Fitness program only a few months later.

Christopher tackles the steroid “scandal” in baseball, and exactly what it changed (hint: very little).

At any rate, it’s a solid, fun, and entertaining documentary that looks at the subject in a way that everyone can follow, and walk away a bit more informed about. I encourage you to check it out.




  1. Hmm. Sounds very interesting. you wanna see something absolutely hilarious, but fascinating as well, and on the same subject, is called “pumping Iron” a 1977 documentary Arnold made in his pursuit to Mr. Universe. It’s incredibly fascinating and a really funny look at this man, that you mentioned, is one of the front running Republican politicians (who got California into debt by the way) But its worth a watch. When I was in high school my physical Ed teacher made us watch it, and he was our weightlifting coach, ad our football coach. I watched that thing about 3 times a year, every single year of high school. But its worth watching, just to see Arnold smoke a joint after winning the Mr. Universe belt. Really, really funny. And he bags on Lou Ferrigno the whole time because he was Arnold’s major competition. Good stuff. And I’ll try and get my hands on this documentary as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Ha! I’ve got Pumping Iron on DVD! I love it. Just a great retro view of the Southern California bodybuilding scene of the 70s. Classic stuff!

  3. I love where he talks about how we would go to the woods with one of his buddies with a squat rack, and a case of beer and squat until they finished the beer, and puked their guts out. Awesome. Just awesome.

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