Posted by: steveonfilm | February 15, 2009

A Minor In Grand Theft

One of the ideas I’ve been working with over the last few weeks is a heist flick. I’ve had this concept of about a reluctant bank robber for a few years. However, I never really developed it outside of a few concept ideas. Now things are different and now it’s ready to go.

I’m going to kind of vomit out the story concept so that you’ll be familiar with it when I post on it further.

Ryan robs banks. He doesn’t want to rob banks. But he happens to be real good at it, and it’s the quickest way for him to get the money he needs to help his mother pay for his younger brother’s medical bills. Not to mention the mounting costs of college.

Ryan does his jobs with three other guys. Each of them with their own expertise. He knows them because they’ve all worked with his father in the past. But that doesn’t mean much now because no one’s heard from Ryan’s father in seven years.

However, things go wrong when one of the banks they hit turns out to be a mob bank, used to launder money. When a simple mistake leads the mod to Ryan’s doorstep, Ryan and his crew are forced to do bank heists for the mob.

As the stakes increase, and Ryan’s brother get sicker, he needs an out, and he goes to Parker, the cop who’s been chasing his crew for the last two years. Parker promise protection if Ryan can lead them to the mob he’s working for.

A con is set up to capture the mob red handed. The only one’s in on it are Ryan and Parker’s team. However, when the con goes bad, and the mob takes Ryan’s sick brother and mother hostage, Ryan and Parker are forced to do what they need to do to save them.

There are more details to the story, but I think that sums up the overall events pretty well. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed working on this is that I LOVE heist flicks. LOVE THEM. I don’t care if it’s Heat, Thief, or Ocean’s Eleven, but I love them.

So I’m getting to work in a genre that I’ve always liked. Which is nice.




  1. I’m intrigued. It sounds like a great concept, and I like heist movies. I would like to write one some day down the road as well…so I am excited to see what you come up with. There are some kinks that I hope you don’t fall into, and overall remember that heist movies are fun because they are clever…so be clever!

  2. Yeah… I’ve got at least 4 heists in the flick, each having to be bigger than the last, so the best part is being able to come up with some original stuff. Like Hannibal used to say in the A-Team, “I Love it when a plan comes together.”

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