Posted by: steveonfilm | February 24, 2009

Research Time: Thief and HEAT

I’ve seen both of these before, but I had Netflix send them again anyway for research. Both have some similar elements of my story and I want to watch how Michael Mann approaches them again.

Well, that and I love ALL Michael Mann movies, especially HEAT.



  1. Heat was great…a bit too long, but great. Good ammunition for the fire my friend.

    • Yeah, HEAT is a bit too long, sort of like Batman Returns. You know it’s getting somewhere, but the second half of act two seems to take a bit too long to get there.

  2. But I must give one word of warning. If you oversaturate your mind with others’ ploys to movies, than your mind will have a hard time seeing what is your own. So keep them separate. Make it unique. That’s why we love Heist movies.

    I’d also suggest the The Bank Job with Jason Statham, and Guy Ritchie movies. They always open the door to mind twisting stories that get you where you wanna go. And I also suggest staying AWAY from the Ocean’s movies. Though fun, they’re fodder compared to real heist movies.

    • No, I totally get what you’re saying. Perhaps “research” wasn’t a good term to use, more like “inspiration.” It’s sort of like playing flag football the day before you go to a professional football game. You’re not doing it to really understand the game of football any better, you’re just doing it to get the juices flowing, and enjoy the subject matter on a different level.

      I’ve got The Bank Job already sitting on my Apple TV waiting to be watched, along with a few of Guy Ritchie’s movies.

      The Ocean’s movies aren’t really “heist” flicks, just buddy movies that happen to involve heists. They’re still fun to watch though.

      I’ve also got the movie Heist sitting here from Netflix, so I’m going to check that out too.

      One thing I really like about the movie Thief (aside from it being directed by Michael Mann) is that it really gets into the character behind the heists. You really get into James Caan’s character Frank, and realize why he does what he does, that he realizes he’s a criminal, but that he also has a way out, or a long term plan to get away from this sort of stuff. It’s Frank that MAKES the movie, not the heists.

      That’s sort of the angle I wanted to take with my story. It’s the character that really drives the film. Like I said, he doesn’t view himself as a robber, or a thief, he just resorts to that as a way to survive, and take care of the problems he needs to take care of. But, as with everything in life, your actions have consequences, and his happen to have very SEVERE consequences.

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