Posted by: steveonfilm | April 21, 2009

Hey, look what I did today!

So I’ve been sick. But that doesn’t mean my head doesn’t work. It’s my nose and chest that are having the problems.

I decided to take advantage of the downtime and do some writing. Being recently inspired with my trip to DC, I thought it might be fun to tinker with starting a new draft for Bystander. After all it does, for the most part, start in DC.

20 pages later I damn near have the whole first act complete.

If you’re interested, check out the unedited copy

It’s about 85% brand new material based on notes I’ve put together over the last year. So this is legit writing, not just a revision of a previous draft. My notes/changes take place mostly in act one and act three. The middle will stay relatively unchanged.

I think it was a pretty productive way to spend the day. Sometimes you just get in the zone and have to take advantage of it.



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