Posted by: steveonfilm | April 25, 2009

The Deets

I was tinkering today with a scene today that involves Ryan discussing a score with his team. This is the score that will ultimately be the catalyst for the remaining events in the screenplay. I wanted it to be believable, but not overly technical.

So I broke the explanation into four beats, introduction, cameras, alarms, and closure. This way I could work on each beat independently, and afterward weave them all together. The scene isn’t great, but it’ turned out much better than I expected.

Hopefully you’ll be able to identify when I move through each of the beats.

———-TEST SCENE———-
Big John and Drew on the couch. Drew plays with his knife.

Kevan looking out a window to the street below.

Ryan pours two scotches at the liquor cabinet.

We’ve done six scores together. Ironed out the wrinkles.

Ryan walks over and hands a drink to Kevan.

It’s time we step it up. Take on a big money score.

Ryan sits in a chair.

Someone’s been talking to Sammy.

And he hooked it up. The score is Union Federal. About three million. All cash. Get in. Grab the money. Get out. Just like the others.

Kevan turns and sips his drink.

What’s the exposure?

No more amateur hour. Real deal here. Two, maybe three guards. All packing. Multiple cameras. All wireless. Each with a direct feed from the internal network to a security station off site, which we can’t get to. Ideas?

Ryan looks at Drew.

Handle it at the source. We sniff each camera’s IP traffic and record some footage. Buy some botnet time to launch a DNS attack to take down the network. By the time it’s back up I’ve already spoofed the cameras IP addresses and am transmitting my footage. Security station won’t have any idea something’s up.

You got a make on the alarms?

Three of ‘em. Teller line. Managers office. And the vault. The first two run through a junction box across the street. We can crack that open, toss on some repeaters, and the alarms talk themselves to death if their tripped.

Just leaves the vault alarm.

Which I can’t get a make on.

So much for that.

Ryan sips his drink.

Beauty of this score, we don’t have to worry about it. Money’ll be sitting on a table outside the vault, arranged and stacked, waiting for an armed pick up. We just get to it first.

This shit just gets sweeter and sweeter.

That doesn’t make sense.

Doesn’t need to make sense. It’s bank policy. On withdrawals this big they move the money out of the vault thirty minutes before the scheduled pick up. This minimizes the time the vault’s open, and reduces their exposure to theft.

And we’re not interested with what they got in the vault.

No need to get greedy. Those are the deets fellas. I told you Sammy hooked it up. So we golden?

Ryan looks over the crew. Big John nods. Drew nods. He stops on Kevan.

Kevan finishes his drink.

Sounds too easy.

They always do.

Kevan mulls it over some more before caving.

Yeah, we’re golden.



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