Posted by: steveonfilm | May 7, 2009

Architecture I Love: The Guardian Building

Nestled within the decay and downward spiral of Detroit rests an amazing art-deco style building. It is The Guardian Building.

Most people who haven’t lived in the Detroit metro area have no idea of some of the amazing architecture that populates the city. They fail to realize that at one time Detroit was a beacon for everything right with the direction America was going. Modernization. Civil rights. Skilled labor. Although times have changes since the heyday of the 50s and 60s, many of the buildings that were built during, and prior, to that time still stand.

The inside of The Guardian Building is truly a sight to behold.

I’ve been inside just once, when I was a kid, but I still remember it to this day.

If you look closely enough in the second picture you’ll see the lobby of the LaSalle Bank branch. I’m using this bank as one of the locations in my current screenplay project. It’s perfect for a big bank heist.


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