Posted by: steveonfilm | June 3, 2009

Keep This On Your Radar: Moon

I literally JUST caught window of this a little bit ago. It’s a movie called Moon, staring Sam Rockwell.

The gist is that a guy has been working for a company mining some sort of gas on the moon for the last three years. His tour of duty is up in two weeks. But just as he’s getting ready to come home things begin to get weird.

I will be seeing this one opening weekend. It’s got a real creepy sci-fi vibe to it.




  1. I saw this trailer a couple weeks back, it looks so creepy cool. I am a bit nervous and hope that it really ISN’T just his mind messing with him. Only time will tell. It looks great though.

  2. If you haven’t yet, you should see “Sunshine”, the Danny Boyle flick. Its along the same vein as this and very interesting…

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