Posted by: steveonfilm | August 16, 2009

Movie Review: Julie and Julia

While I enjoyed Julie and Julia, I thought the movie was about 20 to 25 minutes too long. However, it is a good film, and I wouldn’t tell anyone not to see it. Though it could have been better. You also might want to catch a matinee instead of seeing this one at full price.

My review rambles a bit because my puppy kept chewing on my pants as I was recording. So I apologize in advance for that.

Overall I’d give this one and a half thumbs up, or 3 out of 4 stars, or 75%.

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  1. Great review. In my eyes Meryl can do no wrong and now I actually expect her to be brilliant. I thought the end was rubbish though. The ending fell down but Meryl and Stan held it together as a film and I loved it. I think they work so well together and I look forward to seeing them together in more projects. Check out my review when you can!

    • Yeah, the ending was a let down. And yes, Stan and Meryl are GREAT together in everything they do. I’ll certainly take a look at your review. Thanks for stopping by!

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