Posted by: steveonfilm | August 21, 2009

Avatar Day – 16 Minute Preview Footage Review

I saw the 16 minute preview footage for Avatar at my local IMAX movie theater. I’ll just say that visually I was blown away. I’ve never seen anything like this before…ever. I had the same feeling of awe that I did the first time I laid eyes on a dinosaur in Jurassic Park. However, visuals don’t make for a great story, and unfortunately, I don’t have much to go on for how the story will play out. But, the teaser trailer DOES NOT do the visuals and feel of this movie justice at all.

I’m going to write a bit more about this next week because I hear the term “industry changing” tossed around when talking about Avatar. I’m not sure that term is accurate, or at least without specific qualifiers applied to it first.

But that’s for a later time.

Until then, keep writing!


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