Posted by: steveonfilm | September 3, 2009

Served Cold Challenge: Day Twelve

I managed to get through four pages tonight. Not a huge amount of writing, but not a bad amount either. I rewrote some of the dialog and beats from the final scene I wrote last night. Nothing drastic, just a few tweaks to tighten things up. The more I write Act Two B, the more I’m realizing this will be the part of the script that needs the most rewriting when I’m done. But hey, at least I know that going in.

Tonights scenes were nothing Earth shattering, just more-or-less the beginning of the build up to the pinch in Act Two B. Now that Fisher knows what sort of score Garnier is going to make him do, he can start to plan, and that includes keeping Koteric and the FBI in the loop. There’s a little bit of action and suspense that plays out as Fisher snakes his way through some air vents. But I was was forced to leave that sequence in media res, and will have to wrap it up tomorrow night.

I ran into a bit of an issue with one of the aspect I wanted to introduce into a sequence tonight. Fisher repels from a helicopter to the roof of a building. He then is supposed to get in to the ducts, do what he has to do, and get out, grabbing the repel rope and being flown away. However, I wanted to have the chopper be harassed be a police chopper for being in a restricted area of something, adding an additional layer to the sequence. My notes give a very generic description of what happens, but the more I tried to write it, the more I realized I have no idea how a police and civilian helicopter would interact. I don’t know the radio chatter, the lingo, and of that stuff. I tried reading up on it but didn’t feel like I could get down what needed to realistically happen, so I ended up dropping it. I don’t think I really need it, but if I can manage to educate myself appropriately, I’ll consider working it back into the sequence in a later revision if it makes sense.

This is indicative of the type of problems you can run into while you’re writing. You’ve got a general idea for the main beats in a sequence, but sometimes when you get down to writing them you realize you don’t know enough about what needs to happen. That means research, reading, watching YouTube videos, anything needed to educate yourself. And sometimes that’s a lot of what goes into a writing session. It’s not always 120 minutes of non-stop writing.

I’ve posted tonights progess below in PDF form.

Until next time, keep writing!

Served Cold Challenge – Day Twelve


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