Posted by: steveonfilm | September 6, 2009

Served Cold Challenge – Day Fourteen

I had a great night of writing. Just two really solid sessions that turned out eight and half pages. I made some good progress tonight and decided to call it quits right before I start the pinch sequence for Act Two B (well, that and it’s 1 AM).

I ended reworking a lot of the helicopter/rooftop stuff I did on day twelve. I read over what I had written, to sort of get back into the groove of where I had left off, and ended up tinkering with it quite a bit. If you read over tonight’s PDF you’ll see that I ended up working the Police back into the end of the sequence.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep everything with the chopper/rooftop sequence the way it is now (I’ve still got some research I want to do, but I found some screenplays today and will help me out) but all in all I like the flow of the action.

That sequence was also very heavy on action text and didn’t have a lot of dialog. Seeing large blocks of text was starting to concern me. The page wasn’t reading vertically enough. So I think I can utilize the chopper/police chopper dynamics to break it up a bit, and keep things moving vertically on the page.

Either way, it’s definitely a sequence I’ll need to work on a bit during the revision process, but that’s something I can worry about later on down the line. For now I’ve blocked out my action enough that I’m comfortable with how the sequence came together.

The final scene I wrote tonight also marks the end of the “peaceful” portion of the screenplay. Up until now there had been some isolated incidents of violence, but it was by no means a violent story. After the pinch in Act Two B all that changes. The sequences after the pinch in Act Two B move really fast, and serve only one purpose, setting up Act Three, which is where this story will be make or break.

But I’ll get to more on that on another night, and likely with some video commentary since I want to ramble about it a bit, and just let my thoughts flow right out unfiltered.

I’ve got another video I’ve been working on for the blog I’ll likely post Sunday or Monday. I think a lot of the people who’ve seen my videos on YouTube, and stumbled on this blog via those videos, will appreciate what it’s about. But I don’t want to spoil it for now.

I’ve posted my progress for today in a PDF after the post.

Until next time, keep writing!

Served Cold Challenge – Day Fourteen


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