Posted by: steveonfilm | September 10, 2009

Served Cold Challenge – Day Twenty

I can hardly believe it’s already been twenty days. More surprisingly, I can’t believe that I’m four pages into Act Three of Served Cold.

Tonight was a pretty average night writing wise. Not bad, but not super progressive either. It was nice and a bit refreshing to start on Act Three. There are some really heavy action sequences ahead of me, which I don’t have a lot of experience writing, so I’m both excited about the challenge of that, and nervous about the outcome.

My friend just finished a screenplay for a martial arts movie. This isn’t a spec script either, he and his writing partner were paid to write it. In other words, he’s a professional. I was talking to him about some of my concerns and he basically said, “Look, the director is going to do whatever he wants with the action. So don’t worry about it. Write action sequences like how a painter might start a painting. Large, broad strokes, that gives the general framework of what’s needs to happen.”

I thought that was pretty good advice, and a good analogy too. He went on to tell me about some of the challenges he had writing a martial arts film. The story is structured so about every ten pages there is some sort of fight. They couldn’t afford to spend a lot of precious page space describing each punch. Unless it was something important, they left the descriptions general and with non-specific detail.

I’m going to approach a lot of the action in Act Three the same way, with broad brush strokes. The first such scene occurs pretty quickly in Act Three, and it’s included in the pages I wrote tonight.

The evenings progress is posted below in pdf format.

Until next time, keep writing!

Served Cold Challenge – Day Twenty

[EDIT: Evidently I can’t count, and it was only day nineteen. I don’t know how I skipped over day eighteen, but I did.]


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