Posted by: steveonfilm | September 13, 2009

Served Cold Challenge: Day Twenty One

Great freaking night of writing. I was totally in the zone. And yes, I’m aware how cheesy that sounds. I turned out just over ten pages and feel real good about it.

Like I’ve mentioned before, Act Three is very heavy in action sequences. There is one major sequence that takes place in the middle of the act that is especially busy. When I sat down tonight, I was really intimidated about what I had to do. I’m not good at action, and it can be very tedious and difficult to write. However, I came in with a strategy and stuck with it, and didn’t even realize it was 1 A.M. by the time I was done.

Basically what I did was take each major beat in the story, and concentrate on doing them one by one. After I’d finish the beat, which was between one and two pages, I’d take a break. Fifteen minutes. Maybe a half hour. This kept me fresh and served as a mental break to all the action I was concentrating on. In addition, when I was writing I made sure to break the action into small chunks that could be described in no more than three lines. That helps keep the page vertical, and helps with readability.

My strategy seemed to work, because I got through the meat of Act Three, and have a good feeling I might be able to wrap this up tomorrow if I really work at it. God, I’m rambling. It’s a bit late, and my brain is drained.

Anyway, the latest is posted below.

Until next time, keep writing!

Served Cold Challenge – Day Twenty One

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