Posted by: steveonfilm | November 3, 2009


I watched the series premiere for V tonight. Not too bad. They had a lot of ground to cover in the first episode, too much ground in my opinion. It felt a bit rushed. Maybe a 90 minute premiere would have worked better. Not sure. But it shows a lot of promise.

The acting was solid. Elizabeth Mitchell shined yet again and I’m digging Morris Chestnut, and was completely surprised by his plot twist.

The effects were above average for a TV show. Though I’d venture to guess we’ll see less CGI as the series progresses and it doesn’t need it as much. The big money shots were the ships showing up. With that over it’s an establishing shot here, a transport ship there, not a whole lot needed.

Which brings me around to the ships. Count me as not a fan of the new designs. I had on the ScyFi channel on, since it was showing the old series, for a half hour or so before V started tonight and the ship designs on that were a lot better. Somewhere between Star Trek and Star Wars. These new ships look like something out of Halo, or better yet a cheap Halo knockoff. But this is really a minor gripe.

Anyway, I’m digging the show so far and will be interested to see where it goes. Hopefully it slows down a bit, because I don’t think I can deal with a show that moves this fast on a weekly basis.

Until next time, keep writing!



  1. I’m looking forward to catching it. I saw the original series as a kid and really enjoyed it on the first pass, so hopefully this will be as entertaining.

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