Posted by: steveonfilm | December 12, 2009

The Black List 2009

I stopped by Ashley Miller’s blog last night. She had posted up a link to “The Black List.” I wasn’t aware of this, but each year in mid December a list of the top 100 unproduced screenplays goes out in Hollywood. Actually, that’s not completely accurate, these are the top 100 screenplays with the most buzz around them, that haven’t been produced. Many of them end up going on to be produced (Juno, Lars And The Real Girl, Little Miss Sunshine), and some are successfull and some bomb. But the bottom line is that this list is compiled from Hollywood’s elite. And if you want to know what they think are some interesting story ideas, you should read the log lines for each of the scripts.

You can find the entire list by stopping by Ashley’s blog and clicking on the link in her post. I’ve linked to it here.

As soon as I saw the list I immediately did a search for my good friend Ryley. Sure enough, there is his name next to “The Ghost And The Wolf,” down at number 59. I’ve talked a bit about that script on here before. I’ve been lucky enough to read two different drafts of the script, and both were VERY entertaining. Ryley wrote “The Ghost and the Wolf” with Dikran Ornekiann. I’m not sure if “writing partner” is the best term to use, since they both write their own stuff as well, but Ryley and Dikran do a lot of work together, and this is so far the project from them with the most interest behind it.

Anyway, it was just really neat to see their names pop up on the list. I know how hard Ryley works, I’ve mentioned it a few times on here before, and to see things just on the verge of breaking loose is exciting.

An interesting tidbit, Ryley first got me seriously into movies back in High School. I had always been interested in them, but it wasn’t until I started hanging out with Ryley that I had someone to talk movies with seriously. He had books on film, writing, production. All sorts of stuff. And he was responsible for making me realize, “Hey, I can do this as a career,” and that’s part of the reason I enrolled at SCAD in the first place to study Video Production. Here we are fifteen years later. I work in IT. And he’s out in L.A. living the dream.

I know a bit more about where “The Ghost and the Wolf” sits, in terms of people interested and stuff, but I don’t want to mention it since I don’t want to jinx anything. People come and go from projects in Hollywood all the time, and this isn’t a gossip blog, so I’ll leave that sort of stuff to JoBlo and AintItCoolNews. But like I said in my initial post after reading one of the more recent drafts, it’s a kick ass old school buddy cop in the vein of the first Lethal Weapon, but with a much more serious tone. This is the type of movie you’d watch and just sit there with a big grin on your face the whole time. Not because it’s funny, sure there are a few laughs, but because it just gets what an action film is all about, it knows it gets it, and it doesn’t pull any punches.




  1. good idea not to mention where the project is. Just keep your fingers crossed.

    I read a story last year about the guy who puts the Black list together. Very interesting read, I think, through the LA Weekly. Anyway, I’ll pop over there and check it out. thanks for the info.

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