Posted by: steveonfilm | December 14, 2009

Pride is Forever: Day Eight

I’ve been plunking away at my four page treatment for “Pride is Forever.” It’s nice to finally get into some writing again, and refreshing to start thinking in-depth about how I want the screenplay to start playing out.

I’m not as far ahead as I expected, which is interesting. I figured I’d be at least half way done by now, but I only got about a page and a half completed. That leaves me right at the end of the first act.

Anyway, if you’re interested, here is my progress so far:

Early morning. The sun just cresting the student union on the sprawling campus of the University of Tennessee. A GROUP OF RUNNERS ( crest over the hill of a quiet street. Each with matching U of T track team sweats. Chiron: April 1972. Their breaths rhythmic. Deliberate. Calculated. The atmosphere around them as calm as possible. Inside the Coaches’ Office is stress incarnate. THREE COACHES stand around. Arms crossed. Faces red. Frustrated. The HEAD COACH at his desk, a set of papers in front of him. Wisconsin wants to run the 3000M steeplechase at this week’s dual meet. Someone has to run against Big Ten champion Mark Larsen. The runners enter the locker room. The Head Coach spots Doug and calls him in. Run the steeple at the meet. Doug agrees, on one condition, he’s allowed to double in the 5000M. The Head Coach agrees.

Doug tells his roommate Danny about the race, he’s just going go to the track the night before the meet and do a few hurdle barriers, and try the water jump a couple of times. Doug in class. He’s not paying attention to the lecture. His attention focused on a girl, Kelly, a few rows up. Doug spots Kelly at the Union and tried to chat her up. She’s not interested. She’s at college for an education, not a boy friend. Doug said he’s not at college for a boy friend either. He asks her if she’s heard about the meet. No. He’s running against the Big Ten champ in a race he’s never done before, he could use some fans to cheer him on. She’s got to study. He asks her out instead. She says, if she says no, will he leave her alone? No. Fine, you beat the Big Ten champ, I’ll go out with you. She hurries off. Doug at the track. Alone. Him and the hurdles. Not going so well. Wipes out hard in the water jump. Tomorrow isn’t gonna be easy.

Doug watches as Stan warms up. He just stares at him. Stan slightly uncomfortable. Danny asks how practice went. Not well. Can you win? He’s a 3000M guy, I run the 5k and 10k. He isn’t gonna win on conditioning. Runners at their marks. BAM! It’s on. Doug leaps over the first hurdle awkwardly. Stan pulls ahead. Doug quickly recovers and settles in behind him. Half way through. TWO COACHES follow the splits from a press box. Doug’s times aren’t half bad. Mark eases over the water barrier. Doug not so much. He stumbles, curses, then catches a glimpse of Kelly in the stands. Doug regains focus, and kicks it into high gear. One lap left. Doug right behind Mark. Pushing him. Nearly matches him over the last hurdle, the finish line in sight. And Doug kicks it into high gear, pulling ahead. The Coaches watch from the booth, “Jesus Christ, he’s gonna do it?” Doug’s kick is too tough for Mark, and he pulls away no problem. Doug wins the race, much to everyone’s surprise and excitement. Doug looks up at Kelly, who sheepishly smiles and claps in the stands.

I don’t think I’ll finish tomorrow. Actually, I’m not sure when I’ll finish. I’ve got a soft deadline of Thursday night. I’m headed out of town this weekend to go to the St. Petersburg Bowl, where my alma matter the University of Central Florida is taking on Rutgers. So I’ll be out of the loop Friday through Sunday. Regardless, I’ll post whatever progress I manage to complete.

Until next time, keep writing!


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