Posted by: steveonfilm | December 15, 2009

Pride is Forever: Day Nine

I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had expect to. Then again, I was trying to flesh out some sort of structure for act two to follow, which is no easy task. I’m not certain how much of what I came up with I’ll keep, and how much I’ll modify. It’s really difficult to try and write a narrative synopsis of four obstacles the main character encounters in Act Two, all in one page. Some obstacles for more lines than others, but all in all I think I’ve got a good foundation to work with.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with… and yes, some is cliche, but I haven’t really had the time, or space, to flesh out my ideas yet:

(1) Doug meets Kelly at her dorm. She comes down to find him arguing with a security guard about not being let up to the rooms. “There’s nothing up there I haven’t seen before.” Kelly grabs him, apologizes, and pulls him outside. The date is awkward. Doug tries his charm, but it doesn’t really work. Doug inadvertently opens himself up, and she can see the real him. They don’t kiss, she leaves him hanging a bit, but as she walks back into her dorm there’s a smile and she bites her lower lip.

(2) Doug has to face Sid Sink at the Kentucky Relay. Sid set the American Record last year. It’s bitterly cold out. Doug stares Sink down. Danny notices Sink being bothered by the cold. Doug grins, “Shit, where I come from this is damn near shorts weather.” Doug follows Sink, just like he did with Stan. With one lap to go Doug starts pressing Sink, Sink bites, forcing to stay in front. Doug kicks it into high gear, and leaves him behind. Having just beaten an American Record holder, Doug’s couch tells him it’s time they get serious about the steeple and starting trying to get a time to make him eligible for the Olympic Trials.

(3) The Tom Black Track Classic meet is a few weeks later. Doug comes at this race with serious training behind him. He takes command early, running his race, and not following in the footsteps of anyone else. A major kick at the end leaves everyone behind, but he comes up .9 second short.

(4) Doug catches word that Father Steven’s has passed away. He chooses going to the funeral over running in the Indiana Dual Meet. The funeral is somber, and leaves Doug hollow. Much of Doug’s family is there. Doug mentions to Father Murphy how his family is too busy to keep track of what happens. But Father Steven’s was always there. You could even say he was running for him. Murphy gives a picture of Doug and Father Stevens.

All I’ve got left is to write about plot point two, act three, and the end of the screenplay. That’s roughly another page and half. I’ll likely tinker with it during the day tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll get it finished before the evening or not.

Until next time, keep writing!


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