Posted by: steveonfilm | December 29, 2009

Pride is Forever: Day 23

I didn’t get as much done tonight as I’d have hoped. I mean, I should have gotten more done, but I completely lost track of time playing some Modern Warfare 2 with some of my old fraternity brother’s online.

Anyway, here’s what else I managed to flesh out:

4. Doug and teammates discuss chances of winning.
Doug and the guys leave the coaches’ meeting.
Anyone think they have a shot? “Go out the night before, jump over a few hurdles to get the hang of it, if I can hang with him on the last lap I don’t see why we can’t win.” Serious? Sh** yeah. He runs a 3k race. We run a 5k and 10k. By the time he’s gassed we’re just getting started.
Back with the coaches. Think they got a shot? “I’ll be happy if they don’t kill themselves on the water jump.”
5. Doug in class staring at Victoria instead of paying attention.
Biology class. The professor is lecturing. Doug isn’t paying attention. He’s staring at Victoria a few seats up, doodling a picture of her in a bikini in his note book.
Victoria looks back over her shoulder, spots Doug looking at her. He smiles. She sighs and shakes her head.
6. Doug strikes out trying to ask Victoria out.
Students file out of the classroom and Doug scurries through them to catch up to Victoria. Tries to chat her up. Fails. He tries again, she cuts him off.
“I’m going to stop you now, before you embarrass yourself any further. You’re not my type.”
****Maybe she works in the athletics department, which is why he thought she might dig athletes.****
“What’s your type?”
“Someone who is here to get an education, not draw half nude pictures of girls in his class.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
She takes the note book out of his hand, and opens it right up to the picture he drew of her. Busted. She just drops the note book on the ground and walks away.
“I don’t know how that got in there!”
7. Fun race with teammates. Doug beats the guy who is running the 5K instead of him.
Doug jogging in practice with the guys. Danny tells him that Peterman was pissed when he heard he was running in the 5K with him. Really?
Doug jogs up to Peterman. Heard you’re cranky that I’m running in the 5K with you. It’s a waste of time. Is that so. Yeah. You’re a 10k guy. Your kick isn’t strong enough. While we’re crossing the finish line you’ll be 100 meters back wondering why you’re such a failure.
“Care to make a wager?”
Cut to them running against each other, the rest of the team fading off behind. They race through campus. Dodge in and out of people. The track coming up around the bend. They take a turn, Doug slips in the grass. “Sucks to be you.” Peterman hits the fence, goes over hap hazard. Doug gets to his feet, hits the fence, plants one foot, and leaps over it (just like a steeple), hits the asphalt, and kicks it hard, catching Peterman and beating him to the line.

Danny and the rest of the team arrive to find Doug and Peterman exhausted. Doug tells him what the wager was. Bottom line, was if he lost he’d drop out of the 5K at the meet.
 8. Doug returns from practice to find a letter from Father Stevens.
Doug grabs his mail. Flips through some junk until he finds one for “Notre Dame High School.” Return address shows Father Michael Stevens.
He starts to read it… it’s from Father Stevens.

Steven’s just sending a letter to see how Doug was doing. He’s been following the team and expects big things out of Doug this year after his performance last year (3rd in the NCAA 10,000). He’s got a good prospect this year. College potential, but he doesn’t think he’s got a shot. So he had to tell him about another athlete he had not too long ago that felt the same way.

9. Flashback: Doug’s high school recruitment and winning the state meet.

Two coaches, same ones from sequence 2 and 3, coming into the stands. Mention some guy from Detroit running in the next race is their guy.

We see Doug come up on the final lap. Father Stevens on the side lines tells Doug it’s the final lap. Leave it all on the table. Remember, pain is temporary!

Doug put his kick into high gear with one lap to go.

One coach wants to know who this “kid” is. They’ve got no idea.

Doug completely hauling ass. Pulling away. Final stretch. No one can touch him. Sets the state record by three seconds.

I’m not done with sequence 9 but you can sort of see where I’m going with it. I’ve got 5 sequences left to flesh out. I’ve also included a few lines of dialog here and there that are really just hints at the sort of stuff I want the dialog to include. I’ve made a conscious choice to show Doug is a bit of a gambler, and quite confident in his abilities, and it’s a nice little character trait from real life that I can have a bit of fun with.

I’ll post the rest up tomorrow, likely with some new videos.

Until next time, keep writing!

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