Posted by: steveonfilm | January 12, 2010

Change In Direction: Part 2

Today I wanted to expand a but more on why I was changing direction creatively on the current screenplay I’m working on.

I also wanted to bring up five things you need to remember as an aspiring/amateur writer:

1. Trust your instincts
2. Make methods your own
3. Don’t be scared to try new methods, but learn to recognize when they’re working for you
4. Don’t force your writing
5. Don’t give up

Until next time, keep writing!



  1. Spot on! Always trust and follow your instincts as a writer. Everyone knows what works best for him or her personally. This is a great post for encouraging and validating new screenwriters who may be doubting their methods. No “one way” is the “right way” – but there is a right way for everyone.

  2. Thanks Laura.

    I’ve been a firm believer of taking what works and making it your own. But for whatever reason I was ignoring my own advice.

    BTW, been hitting up your site pretty much every day. Truly some phenomenal advice, tips, and insight on there for any aspiring screenwriter.

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