Posted by: steveonfilm | January 15, 2010

Korean Burrito Day

This video is a bit different than what I usually post, but I thought it was something interesting nonetheless.

Each Friday at work me and a few friends go out to lunch. Today we tried this new Korean Burrito place. I was amazing. Fortunately, since I keep my Flip Mino HD camera with me at all times I was able to capture it.




  1. LOL, good one Steve. Been a while since I been able to post, I travel for work alot and finally back home (Austin Texas) for this week and next (vacation time, left over from last year).

    Like the locaton piece you talked about, I do carry a camera with me when I am at home.

    Still keeping up with you, you are inspiring.

  2. Ha! Thanks man. I hear Austin is a pretty hip town.

    No idea where we’re going to grab lunch tomorrow.

    Yeah, that’s what I like about the Flip Mino HD, it’s so small I can just tuck it into my coat pocket.

    Even when I travel it’s super easy to carry along.

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